What is Boiler Plus ?

What is Boiler Plus ?

Boiler Plus

SALUS Controls welcomes the UK government’s newly introduced energy initiative commonly referred to as Boiler Plus. We believe that this is an important legislative step that will ensure homeowners receive the most effective and efficient domestic heating system to save maximum energy and cost.

What is it ?    

The part of the Building Regulations that deals with central heating boilers is undergoing the biggest change since the introduction of condensing boilers in 2005.  The change, commonly known as Boiler Plus, affects you when your old boiler is replaced, or you have a new boiler installed where there wasn’t one before.

  1. New legislation that came into effect in April 2018.
  2. Only applicable in England. (Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are excluded).
  3. Designed to improve energy efficiency in domestic heating systems.
  4. Applies to all new and replacement gas central heating systems installed from April 2018.
  5. Can influence the correct choice of SALUS heating control to install.

Overview :

The legislation was set out in October 2017 by the UK Government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for implementation in April 2018. The Boiler Plus Policy Document describes their objectives:

“The new standards we have outlined in the Boiler Plus Policy Document improve the way many people use energy in their homes by giving them greater choice, greater control and tangible savings on their energy bills. The new minimum performance standard for domestic gas boilers in English homes will be set at 92% ErP.

The standard will also make timers and room thermostats an explicit requirement for all gas and oil systems, putting beyond doubt the need to give consumers the power to achieve the greatest comfort in the home.

When a gas combination boiler is installed, an additional energy efficiency measure will be required.

This requirement is flexible to allow a suitable choice to be made that reflects the diverse nature of the housing stock and the needs of the household. The energy saving technologies that can be used to comply are:”

  1. Flue gas heat recovery systems
  2. Weather compensation
  3. Load compensation
  4. Smart controls featuring automation and optimisation functions.

The Four Energy Saving Options

Flue Gas Heat Recovery :

Flue Gas Heat Recovery (FGHR) is an energy efficient device that recycles the heat from the flue gases which would normally go up the flue and uses it to preheat the hot water in your taps.

Weather Compensation :

Weather compensation is a control function that communicates between the heat generator (boiler / heat pump) and an outside temperature sensor. It interacts intelligently with the boiler to reduce the flow temperature in relation to the weather outside, leading to fuel savings which increases efficiency without compromising user comfort.

Load Compensation:

Load compensation works by measuring the response of the heating system and controlling the flow temperature depending on the required load. When the boiler starts working, the increase in the return temperature is measured, giving an indication of the required load, and the boiler varies the flow temperature accordingly. The changes in the return temperature are then monitored and the flow temperature adjusted accordingly. This can reduce fuel consumption.

Smart Controls : (Featuring Automation and Optimisation Functions)

A smart control can switch your heating on or off remotely, for example by using an app on your phone, so you can turn your heating on when you're on your way back from a weekend away, or off when you pop out unexpectedly.

Automation is a control function that automatically adjusts time and temperature settings, based on occupancy detection, geolocation and/or stored data from user adjustments over time. Optimisation is a control function which starts the boiler operation at the optimum time to achieve the setpoint temperature at the start of the occupancy period.

Smart controls can also tell you your energy use and have other features such as load compensation that can help you comply with Boiler Plus.

Salus Boiler Plus Products :

Our Boiler Plus range provides thermostats with onboard load compensation and a range of Internet connected thermostats with optimisation and automation.

To see our Boiler Plus range, please visit the Products Section of our main Website www.salus-controls.com 

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