Connecting your UG600 to WiFi

Connecting your UG600 to WiFi

Connecting your UG600 to your WiFi.

Description :  

It is possible to connect your Smart Home System Gateway to the internet via WiFi instead of a hard wired RJ45 Ethernet Cable. To do this you will need to connect your gateway via the Ethernet Cable first. It is also worth noting that the WiFi Internet connection might not be as stable as the one on the cable.

To connect your Gateway to the WiFi please follow this procedure.

  1. First connect your UG600 to the Internet Router with the cable provided and add the Gateway to the App (Refer to the UG600 Installation Document).

  1. Now click on the UG600 Gateway tile on your App Dashboard.

  1. Then click on the Devices Name, ‘Salus Test Gateway’ in this example.

  1. On the Gateway Information Page, now select the ‘settings icon’ or ‘cog’ symbol.

  1. Scroll down to the ‘Settings’ section and enter the following :-

WiFi SSID         = the name of your WiFi network (Case Sensitive) and 

WiFi Password  = the password of your WiFi network (Case Sensitive)

  1. Then scroll down to the bottom and press ‘Save’ to confirm.

  1. Wait 2 minutes and then remove the Ethernet Cable from the UG600. The Gateway LED will go from blue to red and then if it connects to the WiFi successfully will turn back to solid blue again. If the Gateway LED does not return to solid blue, then check the WiFi name and password.

  1. Your Gateway is now working on the WiFi connection.


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