iT500 - Heating - Cooling Mode

iT500 - Heating - Cooling Mode

 iT500 : Heating – Cooling Mode   (5.7.0) . 


Keys / Buttons needed :       Cog/Settings       Tick/Confirm     Arrows          

Description : The iT500 can work in Heating or Cooling Mode whichever is appropriate for the climate in which the thermostat is being used. Heating or Cooling Mode can be changed manually on the thermostat or on the App using the procedure below. 

Thermostat Procedure :

  1. Press and Hold the Cog key     and the Up Arrow key    together.

The Heating Zones will now flash.

  1. Press the Tick key     Zone 1 (the house) will now flash. 

Press tick    to confirm.

  1.  A Flame will now display next to the house, this represents Heating Mode.   If Cooling Mode is required, use the    to select the Fan icon. 

 Press tick  to confirm. 

  1.  ‘C  or ‘F will flash. (Centigrade / Fahrenheit )

 Press tick    to confirm.

  1.  0 hr will flash. (Timezone)

 Press tick    to confirm.

6.    dst on or dst off will flash.  (Daylight Saving Time)                                             AAPress tick    to confirm. 

App Procedure :            

1.                                                     2.                                                    3.


  1. Press the Menu Icon in the top right-hand corner of the App.

  1. Select Settings from the Menu.

  1. Select the Heat or Cool option as appropriate.

  1. If the Mode has been changed Press Save. 

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