iT500 - Heating Operating Modes Thermostat

iT500 - Heating Operating Modes Thermostat

 iT500 : Heating Operating Modes on the Thermostat  (3.1.1. 



Keys / Buttons needed :        Cog/Settings     Tick/Confirm     Arrows       

Description : The Heating function on your thermostat has three different Operating Modes. These are Auto, Manual and Off.

To Activate : 

  1. Press the Cog key    and Tick key    together for 3 seconds. 


  1. Use up & down arrows    to select the operating mode. 

  1. Press the Tick Key    to confirm the selection.   

Operating Modes :

These are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner as below.

AUTO Mode selectedYour thermostat will run to the programmed schedules.

OFF Mode selected.  Your heating Zone is switched off and you are unable to adjust your temperature

Manual Mode selected. (The Area is blank)          Your heating temperature is controlled manually and the program schedules do not run.


Manual Mode is   confirmed by the Cog icon in the top left-hand corner of the main screen.

To De-Activate : 


Follow the procedure for Activating and simply choose the new required Operating Mode.

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