IT500 - Thermostat Globe Icon *

IT500 - Thermostat Globe Icon *

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       iT500 : Temporary Override on the Thermostat  (5.9.1) .           Keys / Buttons needed :      Return/Backup     Tick/Confirm      Arrows           Description : Temporary Override allows you to change the temperature / set point of the room to your ...
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       iT500 : Heating Operating Modes on the Thermostat  (3.1.1) .          Keys / Buttons needed :        Cog/Settings     Tick/Confirm     Arrows        Description : The Heating function on your thermostat has three different Operating Modes. These are ...
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       iT500 : Manual Mode on the Thermostat  (5.6.1) .                          Keys / Buttons needed :      Cog/Settings      Tick/Confirm     Arrows           Description :  In Manual Mode your thermostat will not run any program schedules but allow you ...
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       iT500 : Heating does not come on - Operating Modes  (7.2.3) .  If your heating does not come on at all, the first thing to check is that the iT500 is in Auto Mode. ‘AUTO’ should be visible in the bottom right of the thermostats display.              ...