iT500 - What's in the Box

iT500 - What's in the Box

 iT500 : What’s in the Box  (1.1.1) . 

iT500 Room Thermostat

Desk Stand

This replaces your fixed hard wired thermostat and also the timer or programmable part of your heating system. It remotely communicates with the iT500RX Receiver to control your boiler. It is portable and battery powered ( 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries included ), so can be located anywhere in your home. Also included is a Desktop Stand and wall mounting kit.

The receiver is the switching part of your heating system. Wired directly to your boiler, pump and control valves the receiver controls your heating and hot water systems. 

In the event of failure of your iT500 System the receiver provides a manual override facility to turn your heating / hot water on and off.

Nb.   The receiver requires professional installation by a qualified Electrician or Heating Engineer.

iT500RX Receiver Unit

ITG310 Internet Gateway

ADSL Ethernet Cable

Gateway Power Adapter

The Gateway provides a connection for your iT500 system to the internet. It enables the control of your central heating and hot water from anywhere via the App on your mobile phone / tablet or PC. 

Wall Mounting Kit

Includes facia plate, bracket complete with built in level, fixing screws and plugs.

Optional Equipment  : Not included in the box, purchased separately.

iT300 Sensor

If your iT500 is to be used to control 2 separate heating zones, you will require the iT300 Temperature Sensor for the second zone. This replaces the need for a second thermostat as it transmits the temperature of the second zone to the iT500 Unit. 

This should be installed in the area of the house that the second zone will be controlled from, ie. Upstairs.  

The iT300 is portable and battery powered and comes complete with a wall mounting kit.

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