iT500 - Yellow / Orange Light on the Receiver - Failsafe Mode

iT500 - Yellow / Orange Light on the Receiver - Failsafe Mode

 iT500 : Yellow Light on the Receiver - Failsafe Mode  (7.2.1.

Description :

                       When the iT500 enters Failsafe Mode the top light on the receiver will turn orange (as pictured below). The receiver enters Failsafe Mode in order      to protect your boiler from a power cut or similar event.


Procedure To Exit Failsafe Mode :


Keys / Buttons needed Cog/Settings   Tick/Confirm    Return/Backup 

Please ensure the Thermostat and Receiver are more than 1 metre apart during this process.

  1. Turn the mains power to the boiler off for Seconds, then turn the power back on.

  1. Insert a paperclip, pin or similar into the ‘Sync’ hole on the left underside of the receiver.

  1. On the thermostat press and hold the cog key  and return key  at the same time.

  1. If the device is connected to the internet the globe and WiFi icons will be displayed.

  1. If the device is not connected to the internet just the WiFi icon is displayed

  1. Press the tick key .  A 10 minute countdown will begin. 

  1. On the Receiver the red light will now start to flash green, and then turn to a solid green light.

  1. The solid green light indicates the two devices have successfully paired.

  1. To finish pairing press the return key  until the home screen appears.


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