RT310i - Firmware Updates

RT310i - Firmware Updates

 RT310i : Firmware Updates (6.5.1) . 

Description : Your RT310i Thermostat is capable of receiving OTA (Over The Air) Firmware Updates. These are used to keep the software up to date with external changes that may affect your system for example Apple updating their Phone Operating System iOS. 

In most cases you will receive a notification that there is a Firmware Update available for your thermostat and will be asked to move your device nearer to your gateway and proceed. As this process depends on your internet connection speeds and available bandwidth you may find it will take several attempts to successfully complete the update. 

Here are a few things you can do to help the Firmware Update complete without error.

  1. Fit a set of new alkaline batteries to your thermostat. As the software being updated is crucial to the operation of your device, if there is insufficient power left in your batteries to allow the update to complete then it will not begin.

  1. Move your thermostat closer to your gateway but not less than 1 meter away. Sitting your Thermostat too close or on top of the Gateway can cause as many communication errors as it being too far away.

  1. If you have several devices using your internet router’s WiFi, then if possible, turn the devices or the WiFi to those devices off. The more devices that are connected to your router, the less available internet bandwidth for your thermostat to use to perform the update.

If you are unable to get your update to work but still want to use your App to control your device, simply click on your thermostat in the Manage Devices Screen. You can try the update again at another time.

Firmware Update is Failing :

If you have followed the suggestions above but find that your Firmware Update is failing, then please check your Gateway. (The Gateway provides a connection for your RT310i system to the internet).

The Gateway should be setup as shown below in the diagram. 


Make sure your Gateway is connected to your Internet / Broadband Router using the black Ethernet Cable provided. Raise the Aerial to allow it to communicate with your RT310i Thermostat and then ensure the power adapter is connected securely. When all the cables are connected, the Gateway should have a green light in the corner.


If you have a Red Light on your Gateway :

Ensure you used the correct port on your router when you set up your Gateway. Use the following ports for your corresponding Internet Service Provider in order for your Gateway to operate correctly. 

Port 1 :   Sky Customers.
Port 2 :   Sky Q  and NOW TV Customers.                                                  Port 3 :   BT, Vodafone, Virgin, TalkTalk and PlusNet Customers.

      Note:  You may also require port 80 and port 2165 UDP open on your internet router. Please consult your                         routers operation manual or contact your ISP for details on TCP/UDP Port settings.



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