RT310i - Manual Mode On Thermostat

RT310i - Manual Mode On Thermostat

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      Coming Soon.
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      RT310i : Setting Program Schedules on the Thermostat  (4.3.1)     Description :  The Program Schedules for the RT310i can only be programmed on the Mobile App or Website. It is not possible to program a schedule from the thermostat itself.    
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       RT310i : Holiday Mode  (5.4.1) .  Description : Holiday Mode switches your heating or cooling off for a defined length of time. Frost Protection will be activated in heating holiday mode. Holiday Mode can be set for a maximum of 31 days.  Note:  ...
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       RT310i : Heating – Cooling Mode  (5.5.1) . Description : The RT310i can work in Heating or Cooling Mode, whichever is appropriate for the climate in which the thermostat is being used. Heating or Cooling Mode can only be changed on the App, using ...
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       RT310i : Frost Mode  (5.3.1) .  Description : Frost Protection Mode is activated when your thermostat is switched off. It ensures that the temperature of your home does not fall below a certain point to prevent your pipes from freezing. Frost ...