RT310i - Temporary Override on Thermostat

RT310i - Temporary Override on Thermostat

 RT310iTemporary Override on Thermostat  (5.9.1. 

                     Keys / Buttons needed :         Increase & Decrease Arrow Buttons                                    



Description :

                        Temporary Override allows you to change the temperature / set point of the room to your desired choice until the next programmed schedule set point is due to start, at which point the programmed schedule then takes over. 

To Activate :   

                         Use the Up & Down Arrows     to select the desired temperature.

The selected temperature will flash twice before returning to the current temperature screen. Temporary Override Mode will be confirmed by a  ‘hand’ icon and the schedule icon being displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

To De-Activate :  


The Temporary Override will expire when the next programmed scheduled starts. If you wish to adjust your setpoint before the next programmed  schedule, simply use the up and down arrows    as before.