RT310i - Thermostat Globe Icon

RT310i - Thermostat Globe Icon

Coming Soon.
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      Note :  The RT310i uses the same pairing procedure as the RT310RF.
    • RT310i - Temporary Override on Thermostat

       RT310i : Temporary Override on Thermostat  (5.9.1) .                       Keys / Buttons needed :         Increase & Decrease Arrow Buttons                                                                                                             ...
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      Coming Soon.
    • RT310i - Manual Mode on the Thermostat

       RT310i : Manual Mode on Thermostat  (5.6.1) .  Description : In Manual Mode your thermostat will not run any program schedules but allow you to set your desired room temperature manually.  Manual Mode can only be set from the App, but once set on ...
    • RT310i - Setting Program Schedules on the Thermostat

      RT310i : Setting Program Schedules on the Thermostat  (4.3.1)   Description : The Program Schedules for the RT310i can only be programmed on the Mobile App or Website. It is not possible to program a schedule from the thermostat itself.              ...