RT510RF - Operating Keys & Buttons

RT510RF - Operating Keys & Buttons

 RT510RFOperating Keys and Buttons  (1.7.1) .

Description :

There are few user controls for the RT510RF, making this thermostat easy to operate. These controls are shown below, along with a description of each of their functions. The temperature displayed on the LCD is the current room temperature.




   Turn On / Off the Frost Mode.


   Turn On / Off the Holiday Mode.


   Press once to enter / exit Permanent Override (Manual) function.

   The Increase Button.


   The Decrease Button.




   The RF Test and Pairing Button. Press once for RF Test Mode. 

   Press and hold for 3 Seconds to Enter / Exit Pairing Mode

   Select the clock or programme settings.



   Press to confirm your settings.


   Press all three buttons for 3 Seconds to enter Installer Mode.


   Press the buttons for 3 seconds to enter Clock Settings.

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