RT510RF - Pairing with the wall mounted Receiver

RT510RF - Pairing with the wall mounted Receiver

Pairing Pre-October 2018 Device

Pairing Post October 2018 Device

 RT510RF : Pairing with the RXRT510 Receiver  (2.1.1) .

Description :

Pairing establishes a communications link between your Thermostat and the Receiver. If your thermostat is failing to control your boiler then your devices probably need pairing. If you are using the RT510RF pack, the pairing between the thermostat and the receiver is already done. If you bought the RT510TX and RXRT510 separately then please follow the procedure below. 

Pairing Procedure :            Please ensure the Thermostat and Receiver are more   than 1 metre apart during this process.

  1. Turn the boiler off at the mains power source for at least 5 seconds before turning it back on. This is usually a fused switch near your boiler.

  1. On the receiver, set the switches in the ON and AUTO positions.


  1. Now quickly switch the On/Off switch OFF and then back ON, a red light should begin flashing.

  1. With the thermostat over a metre away from the receiver, pull down the slide cover on the front of the thermostat to reveal the Test / Pairing button.

  1. Using a paperclip, pin or similar, press and hold the Test / Pairing button until you see SYNC 10 displayed.

  1. The two devices will now try to pair, and the receiver light should stop flashing and turn solid red.

  1. Press and hold the test/pairing button on the thermostat until the display returns to the time and temperature.

  1. Your devices should now be paired and you can test them as follows.

  1. To test the pairing process and ensure that you have a clear unobstructed communications link between your thermostat and receiver, press the Test / Pairing button once and ‘TEST 10’ will be displayed.

  1. If you have a good link between your devices, both lights on the receiver will flash. If they both turn off, then either something is blocking communication like a thick wall, fridge or filing cabinet etc. or your pairing process was unsuccessful. Move your thermostat closer to your receiver and try again.

  1. Alternatively, tphysically test the devices are working, turn the temperature on your thermostat above the current room temperature, your receiver should click, a green light should turn on and your boiler should now start to run.

  1. Your Thermostat should now be calling for heat and displaying a flame icon as shown.

Your receiver should clicka green light should turn on and your boiler should now start to run.



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