RT510RF - Temporary Override

RT510RF - Temporary Override

 RT510RFTemporary Override  Mode  (5.9.1) .

Description :

This function allows the temperature set within a program schedule to be temporarily overridden with a new desired setpoint temperature. The function is available only in Automatic Mode (Schedule). If a new setpoint temperature is set during the schedule, that new temperature will be maintained until next time interval of the programmed schedule starts. At that point the temperature will be reset to the values programmed in the schedule.

To Activate : 

  1. Using the Up or Down Arrow button,             set a new desired setpoint temperature.

Nb. The thermostat is currently running Program Schedule No. 5 displayed in the lower left corner.

  1. As the room was already warm, in this example the setpoint has been increased to 28 ÂșC to show that the Thermostat will call for heat.

  1. Now the Thermostat is calling for Heat (as can be seen with the flame icon on the display) to raise the temperature to the new temporary setpoint. This new setpoint will now be maintained until the next Program Schedule (in this example No. 6) is due to start.

To De-Activate : 

  1. Press the Hand button to put the thermostat into Manual Mode.

  1. Press the hand button again to toggle back to Automatic Mode.

  1. The Thermostat in this example stops calling for heat and is now controlled by the Program Schedules again, as can be seen by the current schedule number in the lower left corner of the display.


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