RT520RF - Boost Mode

RT520RF - Boost Mode

 RT520RFBoost Mode  (5.7.1) .



              Buttons UsedBoost Menu  , ArrowsGroup Shape To Image and Tick .


Description :

This function is available in automatic and manual mode and is used to change the temperature to a desired value for a specified number of hours (up to 9 hours). After the elapsed time, the thermostat returns to the previous operating mode.

Boost mode is not available if your thermostat is in Cooling Mode, it only works in Heating Mode.

  Procedure :

  1. Press one of the buttons to ‘wake’ the thermostat. The screen will illuminate.

  1. Press the +Hr button , you will see +0 flashing in the bottom right corner of the display. 

This will show how many hours you wish your thermostat to be in boost mode.

  1. To increase the number of hours you wish your thermostat to ‘boost’ for, press the +HR button again.

+1 will now be flashing in the bottom right corner.  For more than 1 hour, continue to press the +Hr button until the chosen boost time is shown, and then press the Tick button to confirm.

  1. The Temperature will now flash. 

Using the Arrow buttons select your new desired setpoint temperature, and then press the Tickto confirm. 

  1. The boosted time will now run and the thermostat will maintain the new temperature setpoint, calling for heat when it needs to, for the desired length of time. 

The thermostat will revert to the previous operating mode automatically once the boost time has elapsed.

  1. To end boost mode early, simply press and hold the Cog  button for 3 seconds to return to the previous operating mode.

  1. This concludes the procedure for Boost Mode on the RT520 Series Thermostat.

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