RT520RF - Changing the Batteries

RT520RF - Changing the Batteries

 RT520RFChanging the Batteries  (5.1.1) .



Description :

The batteries are located in a compartment behind a removable cover on the back of the thermostat. If you have a low battery warning symbol on the screen and need to replace the batteries, please follow this procedure.

If your thermostat is mounted on the wall you will first need to remove the thermostat from the wall bracket.

  Procedure :

  1. Loosen the two small screws on the underside of the thermostat. You do not need to take them all the way out, just far enough to enable the bottom of the thermostat to be pulled out.

  1. The thermostat can now be lifted off the wall brackets two support hooks.

  1. Looking at the rear of the thermostat, the batteries are located under the cover on the right-hand side. 

  1. Replace the batteries with two AA Alkaline batteries ensuring correct polarity.

  1. Replace the battery compartment cover.

  1. To replace your thermostat back on to the wall bracket, hook the top of the thermostat onto the two locating support hooks.

  1. Swing your thermostat down until the two screws locate into the corresponding holes and gently tighten the screws to hold the thermostat in place.

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