RT520RF - Heating & Cooling Mode

RT520RF - Heating & Cooling Mode

 RT520RF : Heating & Cooling Mode (5.13.1) .



                         Buttons Used : Menu  , ArrowsGroup Shape To Image and Tick .


Description :

Heat mode allows your thermostat to ‘call for heat’ from your heating source when the temperature of the room drops below your defined setpoint. 

Cool Mode however works in the opposite way by ‘calling’ for a room to be cooled by an air conditioning or climate control system when the temperature rises above your defined setpoint.

  Procedure :

  1. Press one of the buttons to ‘wake’ the thermostat. 

The screen will illuminate.

  1. Press the COG  button (first of the buttons from the left) SCHEDULE will be displayed.

  1. Using the Arrow  buttons, scroll until CONTROL is displayed. 

Press the TICK  button to enter the setting.

  1. Depending on which Control Algorithm is currently selected, your display will show TPI or SPAN. 

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, scroll until HEATCOOL is displayed on the top of the screen. 

Press the Tick button to select.

  1. The current Mode of operation is now displayed on the screen, ie. HEAT or COOL. 

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, select your desired option and press the Tick button to confirm.

  1. Your thermostat will return to the CONTROL menu. 

Simply press the Cog  button to return to the Main Temperature screen.

  1. When your thermostat is in Heat mode, a Flame symbol is  displayed when the room temperature is lower than the desired setpoint temperature and the thermostat is calling for heat.

  1. If your thermostat is in Cool Mode, a Snowflake symbol is displayed when the room temperature is higher than the desired setpoint temperature and the thermostat is calling for the room to be cooled.

  1. This concludes the procedure for changing between Heat and Cool Mode.

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