RT520RF - Landlord Settings

RT520RF - Landlord Settings

 RT520RF : Landlord Settings (5.12.1) .



                         Buttons Used : Menu  , ArrowsGroup Shape To Image and Tick .


Description :

There are 3 pin code protected Landlord settings available on the RT520RF Thermostat. These are Service Mode, Minimum and Maximum Temperature Settings and Receiver Manual Mode Control.

Service Mode – This is a feature that allows the landlord to set a service reminder on the thermostat that will warn the tenant when the boiler is due its annual service. When this function is active, and your boiler is due for a service, the Landlords phone number will scroll across your screen and a tools symbol will be shown.

MAX_MIN – This is the setting which restricts the maximum and minimum set point temperatures a tenant can select on their Thermostat. This is often used to control the heating costs.

Receiver Manual Mode Control – This function is used to disable the Manual Mode switch on the boiler receiver. This in turn prevents the tenant from overriding program schedules set on the Thermostat by the Landlord.

  Procedure :

  1. Press one of the buttons to ‘wake’ the thermostat. 

The screen will illuminate.

  1. Press the COG  button (first of the buttons from the left) SCHEDULE will be displayed.

  1. Using the Arrow  buttons, scroll until LANDLORD is displayed. 

Press the TICK  button to enter the setting.

  1. The word PIN will be displayed on the screen with four zeros below it. The first of the zeros will be flashing for you to begin entering the pin code number. 

Using the Arrow buttons  enter the pin code, pressing the Tick button to confirm each digit.

Note: The first PIN code entry is also the setting of a NEW PIN CODE which must be entered each time to enter the LANDLORD settings.
Please remember to write down your pin code so that you are able to use the Landlord settings later.

  1. Once the Pin Code has been successfully entered, SERVICE will be displayed on the screen. 

Press the Tick button to enter the setting.

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, select ON to configure the Service Warning Feature or OFF to turn a current warning off.

Then press the Tick button to confirm.

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, select the due date for the boiler service, from 31 to 365 days, and then press Tick to confirm.

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, select the warning period for which you would like the reminder displayed from 14 to 31 days. 

Press Tick to confirm your choice.

  1. Using the Arrow buttons, select the ‘lock temperature’ and press the Tick button to confirm.

Note :  Once Service Mode has become active, the device will lock the set point temperature as set by the installer or landlord. To unlock this device, the landlord needs to be contacted and the boiler serviced.

  1. Phone will now be displayed on the screen. 

Press the Tick button to enter the setting and your phone number.

  1. Using the Arrow buttons enter the Phone Number you want displayed and confirm each digit with the Tick button.

Your Service Warning has now been set. The next steps will set the restrictions on the Minimum and Maximum Temperatures that can be used by the tenant.

  1. SERVICE will once again be displayed on the screen.

Using the Arrow buttons  scroll to MAX_MIN and press Tick  to enter the settings.

  1. MAX will now be displayed on the screen with a Temperature flashing below.

Using the Arrow buttons, select the Maximum Setpoint Temperature you want your tenant to be able to select. Press the Tick button to confirm.

  1. MIN will now be displayed with a Temperature flashing beneath.

Again, using the Arrow buttons  select the minimum Setpoint Temperature you would like your tenant to be able to set, and press the Tick button to confirm.

With the Temperature restrictions now in place, the last section sets whether the tenant can use the Manual Override Switch on their Receiver.

  1. The Thermostat will return to the SERVICE menu. 

Using the Arrow buttons  scroll to RECEIVER and press the Tick button to select.

  1. The display will now alternately flash MANUAL and ON. 

Press the Tick button if you wish to enable the Manual override switch on the Receiver. 

  1. Alternatively, using one of the Arrow buttons  select MANUAL and OFF alternately flashing on the screen and press the Tick button to disable the Manual override switch.

  1. Your Thermostat will once again return to the SERVICE Menu. 

Press the Cog button to return to LANDLORD Settings.

  1. Press the Cog button once again to return to the main Temperature Screen.

  1. This concludes the procedure for the Landlord settings. 

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