RT520RF - Manual Mode

RT520RF - Manual Mode

 RT520RFManual Mode  (5.3.1) .



                    Buttons Used :  Manual / Hand  ArrowsGroup Shape To Image and Tick .


Description :

If you want to use your thermostat Manually to select your desired room or set point temperature,  rather than running to set programme schedules you need to select Manual Mode.

  Procedure :

  1. Press one of the buttons to ‘wake’ the thermostat. The screen will illuminate.

  1. Press the Hand  button once, this is located on the right-hand side of the thermostat. 

This will put the thermostat into Manual mode and prevent any Program Schedules from running.

Your current setpoint temperature will now flash.

  1. Use your Up and Down Arrow buttons to select your desired or ‘setpoint’ temperature.

 Press Tick  to confirm.

  1. To turn your heating on, you will need to raise the set point temperature, (using the Up Arrow  button followed by the Tick button), to above the current room temperature. 

  1. A flame symbol will be displayed showing the thermostat is  now calling for heat and your boiler will run until the room reaches the new set point.

  1. The desired setpoint temperature will now be maintained and the boiler will only run when the room temperature drops below your selected temperature to bring it back up to the setpoint.

  1. If you want to reduce your set point temperature, use the Down Arrow button and press Tick to change the setpoint to below your current room temperature. The flame symbol will disappear to show the thermostat is no longer calling for heat, and your boiler will stop.

  1. To exit Manual Mode and return to your program schedules, simply press and hold the Hand  button for approximately 5 seconds. 

The hand symbol will be removed from the screen, and you should now see a programme number in the bottom left-hand corner, this is the current programme it will now run.

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