RT520RF - Setting Program Schedules

RT520RF - Setting Program Schedules

 RT520RF : Setting Program Schedules (4.3.1) .

This thermostat has 6 Setpoint Programmes available for each day and 3 different Programming Modes.

Setpoint is simply a desired temperature at a selected time in the day. You can choose up to 6 different setpoint temperatures throughout the day. For Example, if you want it to be 20 degrees between 6am and 8am , and then at 8am you want it to reduce to 15 degrees , you will need to set Program 1 to be 6am with a temperature of 20 degrees, Program 2 then needs to be set at 8am and 15 degrees. 

If you do not want your heating to come on during a certain time, you need to set the temperature of the setpoint to a low value. Ie. at night you may want your heating to remain ‘OFF’ so you would need to set your last setpoint of the day with a temperature of for example 10 degrees C. This will only allow your heating to switch back on if your room drops below 10 degrees.

There are three programming modes. One which allows you to set different programs for each day of the week, known as ‘Individual’. Another allows you to set one program that applies for the weekdays and another program that applies at the weekend, known as ‘5  2’. Finally, the last mode allows you to set one program that will apply for all 7 days of the week, known as  ‘ ALL ‘.

To set your program schedule, please follow this procedure.

Note :  

Whilst you are following this procedure, if no key is pressed on the thermostat for approximately ten seconds it will return to its main screen, and you will have to start the procedure again.

  1. Press one of the buttons to ‘wake’ the thermostat. 

The screen will illuminate.

  1. Press the COG button (first of the buttons from the left) – SCHEDULE will be displayed.

Press the TICK button to enter Schedule Programming.

  1. The current programming mode will now be displayed on the screen. Using the Arrow buttons, select the desired programming mode, Individual, 5-2 or  All.

In this example we will be using the 5-2 programming mode, and will start by selecting the weekdays schedule.

Press the Tick button to confirm your choice.

  1. You will now see “PROG” and a Programme number 1 in the bottom left corner of the screen. This is your 1st set point programme of the day. The Hour will be flashing.

Using the up and down arrows select your desired hour, confirm by pressing the Tick button.

  1. The minutes will now flash to show you are setting this parameter. 

Select your required minutes with the arrow buttons and again press the Tick buttonto confirm.

  1. Once the Time has been set for your first setpoint, you need to select the desired Temperature you want for that time. The Temperature will be flashing on the screen. 

Use the Arrow buttons to set your first setpoint temperature of the day, for example 20 degrees to bring your heating on in the morning. Press the Tick button to confirm.

  1. Your display will now show Prog. 2 in the bottom left, this is your 2nd set point Programme of the day.  Using the Arrow buttons  and the Tick button to confirm each selection, set the time and temperature for your second setpoint.(Remember, if you do not want your heating to come on at all for a period of time you need to use a low temperature for example 10 degrees).

  1. You may require your heating to come back on for a couple of hours at lunchtime, so you would need to set your third program setpoint to 20 degrees for example, to raise the temperature to a more comfortable level.

Use the Arrow buttons  and Tick to confirm.

  1. If you are then not going to be in the house until the evening, you would set program 4 back down to a lower level that will not keep your heating on, for example 14 degrees. Select with the Arrow buttons and confirm with the Tick  button.


  1. Continuing to use the Arrow buttons  and Tick  ,  now choose your required setpoint time and temperature for program 5. This may be the temperature for when you return to your house in the evening, so you would set a comfortable level for example 21 degrees.

  1. As you probably do not want your heating on all night, set program 6 for the end of the evening with a comfortable temperature for sleeping overnight, for example 14 degrees or with a low temperature to prevent it turning on at all eg. 10 degrees.  Press the Tick  button to confirm.

Saturday and Sunday will now be displayed on your screen with program 1 in the bottom left hand corner,  indicating you are now going to set the schedules for the weekend. 

  1. As you are more likely to be in the house at the weekend you may wish to set a simplified schedule that simply brings your heating to a comfortable level all day and drops to a lower temperature at night. To do this you can use the Arrow buttons and the Tick button to set program 1 to raise your heating in the morning at for example 6am to a setpoint temperature of 21 degrees.

  1. To maintain this temperature throughout the day, simply set programs 2, 3, 4 and 5 all to 21 degrees. The times used for these can be anything during the day for example every 2 hours. Use the Arrows and the Tick to select the setpoint.

  1. Alternatively, for programs 2 to 5, use the up arrow IconDescription automatically generatedbutton until the display fills the Time and Temperature with dashes.

Press the Tick button to confirm that selection, effectively removing that program setpoint.

  1. If the program setpoint already contains dashes and you want to set a setpoint time and temperature, simply use the Down Arrow button IconDescription automatically generatedand the time and temperatures will re-appear. You can then select your desired options and press the Tick button . 

  1. The last weekend program setpoint, number 6, needs to be set at the time you want the temperature to drop for the night, so for example 10pm and with a temperature setpoint of say 14 degrees. Again simply use your Arrow buttons  and the Tick button  to confirm.

  1. Now that all your schedule setpoints have been programmed, your Thermostat will return to its normal operating Temperature screen.

This concludes the procedure for programming the RT520 Series Thermostat.


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