WQ610RF - Operating Keys & Buttons

WQ610RF - Operating Keys & Buttons

 WQ610RFOperating Keys and Buttons  (1.7.1) .



 Menu button – Enter the Menu Options. 

 Press and hold for 3 sec to return to the main screen without saving          changes.


 Down” Button (Decrease parameter value / move down in the menus.

 Up” Button (Increase parameter value / move up in the menus.

1)  Press and hold for 3 seconds to POWER ON new device.

2)  “OK / Tick” Button (Confirm changes / Go to the next menu / Save     settings)

3)  In the Main Screen : Press and hold for 3 seconds to cancel BOOST feature   or Temporary Override.

In the MAIN SCREEN - press and hold these buttons together for 3 seconds to perform a Factory Reset.