RT510 Series - Setting Programs Schedules

RT510 Series - Setting Programs Schedules

 RT510 Series : Setting Program Schedules (4.4.1) .

Description :      Program schedules allow you to specify which times of the day you want your heating to come on and to what temperature you would like it to maintain your house. The RT510 Series Thermostat comes with some pre-set default program schedules which you can use as is, or easily change to meet your personal requirements.

Types of Schedules :   

The RT510 Series has two different modes in which you can program schedules. The programming mode can be set in the Installer Mode function for your thermostat, please see the article RT510RF Installer Mode - Programming Mode Selection (salus-tech.com)

5/2 :                        The first option defines two sets of program schedules. One set of times and temperatures will be used for the week period (Monday to Friday) and another separate set that will be used only at the Weekend, hence 5 / 2. 

Individual :              The second option lets you define a program schedule for each day of the week individually, so you can have your heating come on at different times and at different temperatures every day. This is known as ‘individual’ and displayed as ‘7d’ in the installer mode selection.

The Schedules :      Each program schedule contains 6 start times and 6 set points to define your required temperature. It is necessary when programming a schedule to complete all 6 set points.

The start times must be set sequentially, so each must be set at a later time than the one before. ie. program 2 must have a later start time than program 1. Failure to do so causes conflicts and will prevent your thermostat from following the schedule making it appear to not be working correctly.


Operation :             Your RT510 Series Thermostat works in a manner where the program schedules maintain a series of temperatures that you set throughout the day. Therefore, when you set a temperature setpoint your heating will turn on to reach the setpoint and then periodically turn on and off to maintain that temperature until the next defined setpoint temperature. 

If you do not want your heating to come on during a certain time, you need to set the temperature of the setpoint to a low value. Ie. at night you may want your heating to remain ‘OFF’ so you would need to set your last setpoint of the day with a temperature of for example 10 degrees C. This will only allow your heating to switch back on if your room drops below 10 degrees.


Procedure :

  1. Slide down the front cover to reveal the         and  buttons.

  1. Press the     button, your current  programming mode will be displayed.

  1. Use the arrow buttons to select the day or days you wish to program. 

In this example, we will be using the  5/2 programming mode and will start by selecting the weekdays schedule. 

  1. Press  to confirm your choice.

  1. You will now see “SET PROG” and a Programme number 1  in the left-hand corner of the display, this is your 1st set point programme of the day. 

The Hour will be flashing.

  1. Using the up and down arrows choose your desired hour and confirm by pressing .

  1. Minutes will now flash to show they are the next setting to be changed.

Using the Up and Down Arrows choose your required minutes and again press  to confirm.

  1. The Temperature will now flash. 

Using the arrow buttons, set your first set point temperature of the day. 

Press  to confirm.

  1. You will now see the number 2 in the bottom left corner of the display, this is your 2nd set point program of the day.

Repeat the same steps of using the up and down arrows and  button to choose your next desired setpoints for programs 2 through to 6.

  1. Once all 6 program setpoints have been set for the week, your Thermostat will have Saturday and Sunday flashing on your screen, indicating you are now going to set the schedule for the weekend. 

Press  to continue.

  1. Again, using the Arrow buttons and the  button, set your six program setpoints for the weekend.

Remember, if you do not want your heating to come on for a period of time you need to use a low temperature for example 10 degrees.

  1. Once all your schedule setpoints have been programmed

Press the  button to commit the changes and save your schedule.

  1. Your Thermostat will return to its normal operation screen, displaying the Time and Temperature.

The programming is now complete.

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