RT520RF -Performing a Factory Reset

RT520RF -Performing a Factory Reset

 RT520RF : Performing a Factory Reset (5.16.1) .



                      Buttons Used : Menu  Down Arrow and Tick .


Description :

To perform a factory reset on your RT520 Series Thermostat, clearing all of its current configuration apart from any ‘Landlord’ settings and returning it to its factory default settings, please follow this procedure:-

  Procedure :

  1. Press and hold the Cog , Down Arrow and   buttons simultaneously for approximately 5 seconds. 

The screen will go off and the device will reset and automatically restart showing all the screen icons followed by the Software Version Number.  

  1. Language will then be displayed at the top of the screen.

The thermostat has now entered its ‘Initial Start-up Configuration’ Procedure which sets the Language, Date & Time, Daylight Saving, Display Increments and other configuration settings. If you do not wish to run this procedure at this time you can simply press and hold the Cog  button for approximately 3 seconds. 

  1. Your Thermostat will return to its Main Temperature Screen. 

Note: You will need to set the Date & Time at a later date if you wish to run program schedules.

  1. As the ‘Start-up Configuration Procedure’ has been covered in a separate article it will not be covered here.

Please click the link below to see the Start-up Configuration Procedure.

RT520RF - Startup Configuration (salus-tech.com)

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