iT500 - Q & A Section

iT500 - Q & A Section

 iT500 : Questions & Answers  (7.1.1) . 


This section aims to provide quick answers to any questions you may have and to signpost you to the relevant document if more information is required.


Receiver :

My receiver has a flashing blue light on the top switch, what does this mean?

A flashing blue light is a normal indication that the iT500 thermostat is asking/calling for heat. The boiler should be operating while this light is flashing.            

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Installing the Receiver / Receiver Lights Doc. 1.3.4)

My receiver has a solid red light on the bottom switch, what does this mean?

A solid red light on the Receiver shows that it is ready to start the pairing process with the thermostat.            

(Refer to: Pairing / Pairing with the iT500RX Doc. 2.1.1)

My receiver has a yellow/orange light on the top switch, what does this mean?

A Yellow/Orange light on the receiver is a fault indication to show that the receiver has lost communication with the iT500 thermostat and gone into Failsafe Mode. Please check the distance between the two units and for sources of communication interference such as metal fridges or freezers. The connection will automatically be restored when the error is fixed by repositioning the thermostat.            

(Refer to: Features & Functions / Failsafe Mode Doc. 5.11.1)

My receiver has a green light on the bottom switch, what does this mean?

A green light is normal and simply means that the Receiver and Thermostat are powered and paired correctly.                  

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Installing the Receiver / Receiver Lights Doc. 1.3.4)

App : 

What App should I use for the iT500 ?

You need to use the  "iT500 Plus" app.

Where can I download the smartphone App to operate my iT500?

In Apple's ‘App Store’ for the iPhone or ‘Google Play Store’ for Android devices. Windows Phone is not supported. You need the iT500 Plus App.               

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Installing and Registering The App/ Downloading Mobile App for iOS Doc 1.8.2 )

What does the Smartphone App do?

The smartphone App allows the iT500 thermostat to be controlled remotely over the Internet. You have full remote access to your heating controls and program schedules.

Why am I unable to access my iT500 on my PC or Smartphone App after registering it?

First of all, check that you have received your registration confirmation email and click on the link within to complete the registration. Then check you have used the correct email address and password to login, (these need to be the details you used to register the account). Make sure that the correct device code or STA number (located in the battery compartment on a label behind the batteries) has been added to your account. You should see an image of your device after you log into the App, click on the Device Number to enter the control panel. 

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Installing & Registering The App/ Registering the iT500 on the App Doc 1.8.3 )

Can 2 or more people control the thermostat with separate phones? 

Yes, they simply need to download the iT500 Plus App and all log in with the same email address and password that were used when the account was created.

Why have I not received the confirmation email after changing my password ? 

The email may have ended up in your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folders. Also ensure you have used the correct email address associated with the account and that you have not mistyped the address when entering it during the password change request.

My iT500 Device Code / STA Code is registered to another user, how can I remove them?

Make a note of your device code, this can be found on a label in the battery compartment under the batteries. Then fill in the form on the article below. We will then unregister the device from the previous owners account so that you are able to register with your own details.

(Refer to: Internet Connection & App / Registering Devices / Device is already registered / associated / connected Doc 6.4.3 )

Why is the ‘Activation’ code supplied when registering an account not working?

The activation code is only valid for 60 mins. Please start the registration process again. 

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Installing & Registering The App/ Registering the iT500 on the App  Doc 1.8.3 )

Thermostat :

Why does my heating never come on?

Check that the iT500 is in Auto Mode. ‘AUTO’ should be visible in the bottom right of the thermostat display. If it is not, or it is displaying ‘OFF’ then press and hold the Tick and Settings (Cog) buttons together, then use the Up / Down arrow keys to change to ‘AUTO’ and press Tick to confirm.          

(Refer to: Operating Modes / Heating / Thermostat Doc. 3.1.1)

Why are my iT500 buttons not working?

Check that the Screen Lock function is not active. If active, there will be a padlock icon visible in the top right-hand corner of the thermostat’s screen. Disable the function by pressing and holding the top two left buttons on the thermostat, at the same time.            

(Refer to: Features & Functions / Screen Lock Doc. 5.1.1)

After installing the iT500, the boiler does not turn on, why is this?

Have you paired your thermostat to your receiver ? Please refer to the pairing instructions.  

(Refer to: Pairing / Pairing with the iT500RX Doc. 2.1.1)

Can I keep the thermostat screen ‘awake’ all the time?

Unfortunately not, as the device is battery powered and therefore disabling the sleep function would drain the batteries prematurely. 

I have dropped and broken my iT500 thermostat, can I replace the thermostat only, or do I need to buy a full kit including the receiver and gateway? 

You can replace just the thermostat, by buying an (iT500BM), but you will need to pair the new thermostat to your existing receiver. You will also need to register your new thermostat  device code / STA Number on the App.          

Where can I find my Device Code or STA Number?

Your device code is located on a label in the battery compartment on the bottom of your thermostat. You will need to remove the batteries in order to see the label and the number. 

(Refer to: Installation & Setup / Thermostat / Inserting Batteries & Device Code Doc. 1.5.1)

How do I get the ‘Tap’ symbol onto my it500 device ?

  • Hold the settings key (Cog) and the Up Arrow key at the same time for five seconds and let go, you will see two houses and a tap.
  • Press the Tick key again you will see the house.
  • Press the Up Arrow key until you see a house and a tap.
  • Press the Tick key until you get back to the normal screen, the tap symbol will then be on your device.

Internet : 

Does the iT500 work with Alexa ?

No. Unfortunately there are no plans to make this device compatible with Alexa. The Salus Smart Home Quantum range is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. 

Can I operate the heating using the iT500 thermostat without an internet connection?

Yes, the basic functions and communication takes place via radio. Only the operation by smartphone or mobile devices is not possible without the Internet. 

My Firmware Update fails, what can I do?

Check that the gateway is connected to the internet router and that it has a green light meaning there is an Internet connection. Replace the batteries in the iT500 Thermostat with new branded Alkaline AA batteries. Position the iT500 room thermostat closer to the gateway, about 1 meter away and run the OTA (Over The Air) update again. Depending on the Internet connection, multiple attempts may be necessary.          

(Refer to: Internet Connection & App / Firmware Updates Doc. 6.5.1)

The App says my iT500 is ‘Offline’ and my iT500 does not have the internet globe icon on the thermostat screen, why is this?

Check that you have the power supply to the gateway and that it has a green light showing (the green light indicates you are connected to the Salus Controls Server). If you have, remove a battery from the iT500 Thermostat and replace after 10 seconds. This will reboot the thermostat and bring you back online.   

Then if required, unplug both cables from your Gateway. Leave for a minute and then replace, connecting the cable that goes to your internet router first and then the power adapter. This will reboot your Gateway and should bring you back online.


(Refer to: Internet Connection and App / Internet connectivity – Manage Devices Doc. 6.2.1)

Why does my Gateway have a solid red light?

A solid red light means your Gateway does not have an internet connection. Please check the cable to your internet router. Also the Gateway must be connected to a network that has DHCP enabled and has the Firewall Ports 80 (UDP/TCP) and 2165 (TCP) open. You may need to contact your Internet Service Provider to assist you with changing your router settings.                


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